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What To Wear To A Destination Wedding

We all have to keep things in mind when packing – what’s the weather like, who might we run into and how many pairs of shoes can I stuff in my suitcase without potentially ruining them? Yet, when it comes to a destination wedding, there’s this added layer of packing stress that changes the game completely. Stay ahead of the pre-party jitters and choose your styling cues wisely.

by Martine Verhoeven

Beach, please

 Thinking about soft waves and endless stretches of white beaches might already put you in a good mood, but you’re also lucky that at the beach, pretty much anything from mini to maxi goes. Opt for light, airy fabrics that look their best when a slight breeze hits and try to keep one simple rule in mind: stay clear from heels. Treat your feet and choose comfortable flats instead, to avoid getting stuck in the sand. Slip on an elegant pair with delicate straps and subtle embellishments and thank us later – preferably while living it up on the dancefloor.


Country roads

 While dress shopping for a country wedding can be like finding a needle in a haystack, it could become a thing of bliss when you keep a few guidelines in mind. Beat the heat in the most romantic silhouettes of them all. Think ruffles, pleats and dangling accessories and toughen-up the look with a belted waist, headgear and sturdy cowboy boots for those bold enough to marry allure with attitude.


City chic

If you ask us, ‘the sleeker, the chicer’ embodies the spirit of city weddings. Trust the urban pavements to support your stiletto heels and opt for a sky-high pair to get your outfit started. Wear them with a sleek silhouette: think anything from minimalistic shapes to sophisticated co-ords. When the weather’s gloomy, a vivid colour palette does the trick of brightening the day. On top of that, it comes with a bonus feature of making you much easier to spot in wedding photos. Keep your purses minimal and micro in size: when it comes to the big day, all you really need is love.


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