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Post-Party Season Dressing

With the whole barrage of Christmas and New Year's parties over and done with, most of us are - understandably - craving for simplicity and calm, but not without letting our true colours shine through. Take the time to settle into the new year with these style options. 

by Siska Lyssens

Comfort creature

Nothing seems more tempting those first weeks of January than staying within the vicinity of your home and lounging around. But instead of slacking it in your jogging suit, there are prettier options when it comes to being a homebody. You can't go wrong with staying firmly put in your wide legged trousers - a trend that is not going anywhere any time soon. A tailored pair of side-stripe trousers allows you to keep that normcore aesthetic going. If you are entertaining anyway, coordinating cosy patterns is both homely and chic. Match Christian Wijnants' knee-length knitted floral jumper with its fitted and knitted pencil skirt equivalent for a cocooning feeling that still feels sensuous.  

High colour 

January is that peak of winter when the days are slowly getting longer, but there's in no way enough sunlight to get a healthy glow. Instead of wearing dark colours like black, brown and charcoal, go a few tints lighter and choose garments that possess a bit of colour. It will not only light up your wintry complexion, it also works wonders for your mood. We'd suggest to wrap up in Isabel Marant's cosy patterned cardigan, perfect for a night at home curled up on the couch. The brighter the better whenever you venture to a late-holiday party - make it pop with unexpected colour combinations. 

Powerpuff girl

And ultimately, when heading out becomes unavoidable, put up a barrier between yourself and the bad, bad world with a Michelin-man style puffer jacket or another type of material that keeps the cold out and gives you extra confidence by the virtue of its volume, in-your-face colour and daring design. It feels perfectly appropriate to hide away beneath that kind of armour, when we are not quite ready to face real life. Faith Connexion does a fittingly bold one that makes a statement of inner and outer power. Stella McCartney keeps it simple and classic yet luxe, with a deep navy velvet number that allows you to blend in, and pop out, fuss-free. 
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