The Style Decoded

Fashion Week

With yet another fashion show season upon us, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for what’s happening on the bustling New York, London, Milan and Paris streets. As ever, the fashion crowds outside the show venues are no less inspirational than the designers’ creations on the runways. Here’s what our street-style snapper Julien Boudet captured on film.

by Siska Lyssens

Out-There Outfits

Ever since ‘peacocking’ sneaked into our vocabularies, we’ve been on the lookout for the best and boldest ensembles. Whether it’s a directional silhouette worn like a full runway look or the addition of a crazy accessory that takes over the entire outfit – the daring dress to impress and make a statement that communicates their love for the expressive power of fashion.

Hero Hues 

Few things are harder than nailing the perfect colour combo that makes heads turn. With a kaleidoscope of hues to choose from and to mix and match at will, the possibilities are endless. Colour blocking is always a good option, but how about integrating every colour of the rainbow in one single garment? Whatever you do, carry yourself with intrepid confidence.

Minimalism Redux

There are always those who stand out in simplicity, who epitomize the ‘less is more’ mentality. Minimalism in its purest form has reached its apex – what’s currently de rigeur is giving that stripped-back style a spin. Clean lines gain depth with a bit of texture and movement, a simple shirt-and-pants look becomes more interesting in all-over denim. A totally black outfit – a fashion pack fav – becomes elevated with just the right accessories. There’s always more than meets the eye.