The Style Decoded

The Cropped Jacket

While the presence of oversized and extra long coats lingers, a different style is having a remarkable comeback moment: the cropped jacket. Make use of the transitional season and reintegrate that old-but-new favourite staple into your autumn wardrobe before cold temperatures swoop in.

 by Charlotte De Loose

High power

Do not let its length fool you, a cropped jacket has all the capabilities to prove itself a powerful statement piece. Balance out your silhouette and enhance your short fur jacket with a subtle retro vibe by adding a pair of flared jeans. Oh, and the fuller the fluff, the higher the impact. When your short jacket is part of a ton-sur-ton ensemble, high-waisted trousers are the key to an elongated silhouette. Play the optical styling game and wear a long coat or scarf underneath your cropped jacket for extra dimension. 

Suit up

The cropped suit jacket is eager to take turns with your trusted oversized ensemble. For a genuinely empowering suited-up silhouette, add a short tailored jacket to match your high-waisted suit trousers. The right coat will emphasise straight shoulders and subtly accentuate your waist. If you're up for that extra throwback touch, look for a jacket with padded shoulders. Pair it with a colourful shoulder bag and some dainty jewellery for a nicely spruced up office look. 

Carelessly casual

How to look effortless while subtly giving away that you have your silhouette well thought through? Look for high-waisted flared or straight jeans that meet your short jacket right at the hemline. A loosely fitted leather or denim jacket will still give you that oversized look, but because of its strategic cut will flatter your waist like no other. When wearing a dress that requires little to no styling, a cropped jacket is an easy cover-up. To show extra respect to what's underneath, just drape it over your shoulders.