The Style Decoded

Groovy Corduroy

With autumn/winter 2017's runways flooding with glamorous sequins, festive metallics and numerous shades of blue it was hard to predict that the season's favourite comeback would be of the more demure genre. Breaking free from it's nerdy, and uptight alter ego the ribbed fabric swarmed the street style scene, making a convincing argument to be added to your seasonal wardrobe this very minute.

by Chloé Bauwens

Can't beat the classics

While corduroy, cord or rib velvet and all of its various denominations, has officially been around since the eighteenth century, the rigid fabric didn't gain popularity until the Seventies and Eighties' bell-bottom trousers and shearling jackets. The vintage textile then made a tiny comeback during the Nineties, only to disappear completely off the radar again shortly afterwards. This autumn/winter 2017 season though, designers looked back at the Eighties and were collectively inspired by these ribbed delights. Whether this inspiration came from the young 'Stranger Things' cast who all sported a corduroy item at some point in the show or from their personal childhood is something we'll never know. What we are sure of is that if Mulberry, Prada and Marc Jacobs dress their models in brown corduroy trousers, it will only take a second before this style also conquers the street.  

Colour crush

Now that corduroy is no longer a sentimental throwback outfit, but an official of-the-moment fashion choice, colour and styling options are running rampant. While we applaud those brave enough to dress in head to toe brown corduroy - complete with an oversized blazer and sharp cut trousers - there's also nothing wrong with taking the corduroy-for-beginners route. In this last case, it's crucial to view the ribbed fabric as much as an essential staple in your wardrobe as tried and trusted denim. Make a bold choice by opting for some vivid rainbow-hued trousers and combine with a plain looking tee and sneakers or choose a statement coat that effortlessly connects with all of your go-to outfits. Sooner or later, those two-piece corduroy looks will find their way into your wardrobe as well. 
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Sophisticated Baroque Drama

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Luscious Velvet

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Clash Of The Textures

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