The Rundown

Work It

Now that workplace dress codes are being sidelined to the background, the trick for women is to find the right balance between showcasing their style and looking smart. Coincidentally, these style secrets were the top priority on our agenda.

Photography by Serge Leblon
Creative direction by Zoë Hordies
Styling by Christine Van Laer & Zoë Hordies
Models Lara @ IMM models | Valentine @ Ulla Models | Azuli @ Jill Models
Words by Chloé Bauwens
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Working girls

From dubbing each other girl boss to using the 'never not working'-Hashtag on Instagram, the days that women were an uncommon sight on the work floor are long behind us. While discussions regarding gender pay gaps still are everyday occurrences, the strict female dress code of heels, skirts, lipstick and a single strand of pearls seems to be a thing of the past. Nowadays women have the liberty to showcase their aesthetic and personality - and not only when working from home. The tricky part of these blurring guidelines is creating a harmony between what's office-appropriate and what's not. 

Since full-time employees spend more time on the work floor than they do at home, it would make sense that our wardrobes assume the same percentage. More workwear, less off-duty. Surprisingly, the exact opposite seems to be the case. Generally speaking, women have more fun splurging on a new going out top and a glitzy pair of heels than they do when looking for a new smart tailored piece. For AW17 (and probably more seasons to come) this distinction between on trend and at work is no longer necessary. From Tibi to Joseph, Céline and Stella McCartney, the autumn/winter 2017 runways were flooding with suits and two-pieces. Oversized, colourful, patterned and tailored, the items that once belonged in a man's wardrobe have taken over women's silhouettes over the past seasons and aren't planning to leave anytime soon. Now that both genders wear suits on Mondays and Saturdays, women are no longer forced into a strict attire to be taken seriously. Why not switch up your suit on Tuesday by pairing your blazer with a nice (undistressed) pair of denim or opt for a flowing dress with a cute pair of socks. In the end, it's the minuscule details that will help to make an outfit feel yours while staying smart and capable. 

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