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Weekend Getaway

When you’ve only got a fleeting 48 hours to unwind, think ahead to ensure you make the most out of the minimal. Here’s what to pack and why.

by Martine Verhoeven
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Style-savvy sneakers

Ten thousand steps a day is the magic - yet slightly unattainable - recommended fitness number, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to do even half of that in sky-high heels. Venture out in comfortable kicks and opt for a pair of sneakers in a versatile shade – allowing you to wear them with anything from jeans to your favourite summer dress while sitting down at that well-deserved dinner.

The all-round jacket

Like eating your greens, make sure to pack your layers. Invest in a wardrobe staple that will see you through the fashion seasons and get smart fabric-wise. Opt for materials that fold up easily into your carry-on or embrace high-quality leather that only gets better with age.

Weather-ready shades

Be on the lookout and see what’s next with the right kind of frames. Protecting you from rays of sunlight while concealing jetlag-induced under-eye bags, a good pair of sunglasses belongs on every packing list. Is the weather letting you down? Create your own sunny outlook by choosing a style fitted with brown-hued lenses.

The cross body

Go hands-free this summer and take a cross body bag along for the ride. Wear yours while exploring the city and make sure you pick a style that holds all your getaway essentials easily – including a pack of blister patches and the good old touristy road map.

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