The Mood

New Year's Resolutions

As much as we’d like to run a marathon, eat healthier and stop procrastinating in 2018, some resolutions are much easier – and more enjoyable – to uphold. This year, take a good look at your fashion fundaments and turn them around.

by Martine Verhoeven

Wear more colour

 Don’t shy away from bright hues when the new year comes around. Opt for vibrant ensembles – which can be either clashing or completely monochrome – and keep in mind that the key to nailing a colourful look is to remember that there are no rules at all.


There’s no need to go all out and redo your wardrobe when a few accent pieces are just what the fashion doctor ordered. Update your current edit by pairing existing favourites with compelling jewellery or bold accessories that entice the eye and update last year’s looks in fun and exciting ways.

Dress weather appropriate

 Check the weather reports, layer up and thank yourself later. Adding or peeling off a layer when the skies decide to take an unexpected turn will make a world of difference - ensuring your new right-as-rain wardrobe will never leave you feeling under the weather.

Have a little fun

Getting dressed doesn’t need to be a chore – make it something to look forward to in the mornings instead. Have fun when it comes to daily dressing by adding a whimsical pattern, a quirky detail or an unexpected twist to show off that your new-and-improved wardrobe is truly one-of-a-kind.

Work your workwear

An estimated 70 percent of time is spent at work, while our office attire only represents a substantially smaller part of our wardrobes. Invest in key pieces to build a separate wardrobe that is both work-friendly and attractive to the off-duty eye. Working nine to five – or far into the night – will have never looked better.


Head Over Heels

Stay anything but grounded when crushing on soles that got soul.


J.W. Anderson Pierce Bag

With its sleek lines, statement pendant and sublime hues, the JW Anderson 'Pierce' bag has become a coveted style accessory.

Flourishing Florals

Be quick to select your autumn/winter 2017 bouquet and attain a floral symbiosis of your own.