The Mood

Into The Blue

Midnight blue, riverside blue, cobalt blue, navy, … The fashion world’s current obsession with blue compels us to investigate: how many different shades of blue are out there and more importantly, which ones deserve our attention the coming season?

words by Charlotte De Loose
street style photography by Julien Boudet

As seen on the runway

Despite each designers’ tendency to leave their mark and integrate the shade in a different way and on different textiles, there seemed to be a common colour theme to be detected: ton-sur-ton. Much of what has been shown, if not a one-piece, were ton-sur-ton silhouettes, combining top and bottom in the same shade. A textbook example was Maria Grazia Chiuri at Christian Dior, who proved herself a true advocate of the colour, presenting a show which for the greater part consisted of denim and other blue-hued staple pieces, from light to dark, transparent to opaque.

Furthermore, there was an innocent-looking pastel blue baby doll at Rochas, daringly bright and vibrant silk at Joseph and one navy tailored suit after the other. Not to mention the dozens of other brands who couldn't pass up on the opportunity to leave their mark. The convenient truth is, there’s a sea of possibilities and there is no right or wrong in this case. 
From left: Rochas, Christian Dior, Joseph

Translated to the street

There’s no point in denying it, we're witnessing a denim craze and it plays a large part in today’s abundance of blues in the streets. No complaints here. Because apart from jeans-on-jeans looks, the fashion scene is finding a million other ways to incorporate this primary colour into their daily wardrobe. The tone has been set during New York and London fashion week with a multitude of bright blue accents. Long trench coats, flowy pleated skirts and crisp cotton shirt dresses have got us feeling blue for the months to come.

A classic way to go is by merely adding one accent, such as a long wool coat, either in a soft pastel or in a bright cobalt. A cosy, bundled up version could consist of a midnight blue turtleneck or a bright oversized knit, paired effortlessly with a ditto coloured midi skirt. For a look that will truly make heads turn, throw a more exhilarating fabric into the mix, perhaps velvet or patent leather? By now it's looking like every colour in the world is taking a turn and will be getting its 15 seconds of fame, but for autumn winter, blue is here to take centre stage.