The Mood

The Clash of the Textures

Even though the Canadian Tuxedo has a particular kind of street allure with its denim on denim combination and ton-sur-ton outfits radiate a unique chicness, there is a new-found appeal for mish-mashing fabrics and textures in one single silhouette or even a single item. The inventive approach to styling unleashes a fresh and playful approach that brings back the fun in fashion. 

by Chloé Bauwens

As seen on the runway

 On the autumn/winter 2017 runways, designers showcased a fun and innovative way of experimenting with different textures and pattern combinations. For his debut collection at Marni, creative director Francesco Risso sent models down the runway in an immense variety of mixed ensembles. From lace bodices combined with a plush skirt to delicate dresses paired with oversized, fluffy, goat fur coats or silk skirts and faux fur stoles, the new approach to textures and materials seemed endless. While some may question the new designer's lack of direction, the energy and desire to display something different were patently present. At Calvin Klein, Belgian creative director Raf Simons took a more practical approach on texture combinations and layered see-through plastic - the kind that reminds you of your grandmother's couch - over everything. While some may have to get used to these plastic cover-ups over their coats, tops, skirts and dresses, the idea holds an intriguing and weather-proof aspect that almost everyone will warm up to eventually. Prada was the undoubted epitome of clashing prints and mixing textures. Feather trims were added to hemlines, fabrics were patterned and embroidered, and leathers were successfully mixed with wool knits. The overall effect created a nostalgic image infused with youthful and glamorous elements perfect for the streets.
From left: Calvin Klein, Prada, Marni

Translated to the streets

Indulging in a few new items with apparent texture mixes is certainly an option for those who want to spruce up their AW17 wardrobes. Another option is combining your existing pieces in new ways for a fresh silhouette. By layering different fabrics, colours and prints on top of each other, items that were once banished to the dark end of the rack are suddenly seen in a new and exciting light. Striped turtlenecks are the ideal staple on colder days underneath brightly coloured dresses and patterned shirts, while patchwork jackets represent the entire vibe on their own. Or go wild by pairing a velvet bag with a silk dress, heavy knit and leather boots. The main idea is to enjoy every piece to the fullest by creating the ultimate clash on a daily basis.

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