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Stylish Holiday Packing

There's nothing as relaxing as a summer vacation. Exploring new cities, strolling through sun-drenched streets, sipping cocktails with your feet in the sand... Unfortunately, packing for your unwinding getaway is generally less enjoyable. Last-minute outfit planning, cramming your luggage with items you'll never wear, and the stress of forgetting the essentials often leaves you agitated. To avoid taking off stressed and worn out, we asked expert packers for their tips and tricks to travelling in style. 

photography by Dieter Vanfraechem

words by Chloé Bauwens





I know that it's incredibly tempting to take out all the summer blouses and dresses you've been dying to wear, but chances are you'll fall in love with something new when you're there.

Roll, don't fold

'Instead of folding my clothes, I always roll them up. That way I can fit more items into my luggage. The only downside of that is that I usually end up bringing too many clothes, but that's an entirely different problem.' Mirjam Flatau for Mija_Mija

Plan your days 

'Even though I travel a lot, I always overpack. For me, more is better. (laughs) I do try to edit what I'm bringing by narrowing down my options to a maximum of two looks per day. I'll consider the entire look, from clothing to accessories and pack them as a set. That way I can leave stress free, knowing that I'm prepared for every day and every occasion.' Hannah Romao for Avec Hannah

Stay casual

'For my job, I need to travel a lot. I go on short trips, press events, fashion week... So when I'm packing for work, it all happens very organised. Each outfit is planned to a T to avoid being confronted with surprises and to keep my luggage as light and efficient as possible. So German, I know. (laughs) But when I'm packing for a holiday, I'm very casual and relaxed about it. I don't want to overthink about packing 'the best outfit ever' because that's what I have to in my regular day to day life. For me a holiday is about relaxing, feeling good, dressing comfortably and enjoying the time I have to wind down and to have fun.' Lena Lademann for Lena Lademann

Leave room to shop

'For me, packing for a holiday should be as minimal and edited down as possible. I know that it's incredibly tempting to take out all the summer blouses and dresses you've been dying to wear, but chances are you'll fall in love with something new when you're there. By leaving some room, you have a solid excuse to gift yourself a new item that you'll enjoy wearing and link to a beautiful and relaxing holiday.' Tiany Kiriloff for Belmodo

Stock up on summer dresses 

'Personally, I think fashion is so much easier during summer. You only need to wear a dress, and you are ready to go, day and night. That's why I would always suggest investing in one cute sundress each summer. Whether that's a floral dress, a kaftan or a wrap dress, that's up to you. But the right dress will undoubtedly turn out to be your favourite go-to summer outfit.' Caroline Parnot for Pardon My obsession





I can spice up any basic look from day to night with the right accessories.

Don't forget the cold

'When you're packing for a sunny holiday, it's easy to forget that the nights can cool down quite a bit, but even on the plane, the air conditioning is often too cold. That's why I always bring a light cashmere jacket or cardigan with me. By carrying it with me on the plane I don't need to leave extra room in my luggage, but I'm also assured that I'll stay warm during my entire trip and stay.' Juliane Diesner for Style Shiver

Bring enough accessories

'I'll always leave room in my luggage for accessories. That way I can spice up any basic look from day to night with the right accessories. Nice jewellery, a different pair of shoes and an evening clutch can transform your entire outfit, without having to change the complete look and feel.' Emilie Higle for My Little Fashion Diary

Wear your best jewellery

'I tend to forget packing my nicest jewellery. It's not that I really forget them, but I feel rather anxious about it. Maybe that's because I'm afraid that they'll misplace my luggage. So I'll usually leave with my watch around my wrist, and the rest of my jewellery gets left behind at home. That way I'm sure that I have the pieces I want to wear, on and near me during my travels.' Liza Chloë for Liza Chloë

Be safe, think carry-on

'I'll never leave on holiday without my bathing suit. I'm addicted to its versatility, you can wear a swimsuit on the beach or even in the evening as a body with a nice pair of trousers or a skirt. That's why I would never travel with my swimsuit in my suitcase, it will always be in my hand luggage, so I'm sure that it doesn't get lost. If the airline would lose my bag, I can still go swimming, enjoy the sun and look stylish in the evening.' Deborah Reyner for The Daily Deb

Leave make-up behind

'Make-up and other beauty items add a lot of weight to your luggage. That's why I try to be as minimal as possible when I'm packing up toiletries. During summer I personally wear less make-up than I do during winter, but even when you're a beauty addict, editing down can save you a lot of room and weight. Take a good and hydrating day cream, some basics like a BB Cream, highlight and mascara, but leave everything else at home. Thanks to your summer tan, keeping it simple won't seem like a limitation.' Frederique Bos for Fab Le Frique

Unpack as soon as possible

'Light packing isn't in my dictionary. (laughs) I probably don't need to bring as much as I do, but editing out looks isn't my strong suit. I bring everything but the kitchen sink. I simply enjoy having options, even when I'm travelling. I am however a staunch supporter of unpacking as soon as you are in your room. That way you create your own mini wardrobe and more importantly, you can keep your items nice and wrinkle-free.' Daphne Tiedink for Daphisticated
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