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Sales Tips & Tricks from Viktoria Rader

It's tempting to go rogue during the sales season but to avoid panic attacks in fitting rooms and disappointing returns, we asked the ultimate sales advice to our style experts. Prepare to fill your basket with Viky & the Kid's Viktoria Rader's autumn/winter 2017 discount wish list.

by Chloé Bauwens
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Do you shop differently during sales than during the rest of the season?
During sales, I prefer to go online. You have to be quick and decide fast. Online I don't need to run around and can easily buy something without needing to tackle other shoppers first. (laughs) But even online the key to a successful shopping spree is quick decision making. In the past, I have put items in my cart and contemplated too long on whether or not I would buy them, an hour later they were already gone.

To make those quick decisions, my guess is you need to start prepared. How do you prepare your sales shopping?
I usually make a wish list over the weeks, and during the sales, I go online and decide. Because I want to concentrate, this list is generally made at night after my children are in bed and phone calls stopped. My best sales buys are typically around midnight.

The pieces I have bought on sale always turn out to become all-time favourites.
Do you have a wish list for your autumn/winter 2017 sales shopping spree?
Yes, I do. I would love to be able to say that I have a 'little, good-to-go' wish list, but it's quite extensive. (laughs) I'm always on the lookout for good fitted jeans, nice sweaters and I'm still looking for an oversized down coat. My 'fun list' has a soft shearling bag on it and transparent glasses to wear even if the sun isn't shining. I have a feeling there will be a few more months without sunshine, unfortunately.
What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought during sales?
There are a few items on that list. So far it has to be my red Artica trousers, a fantastic Fendi sweater that was 50% off and is still nice and trendy, a stunning red gown by Stella McCartney and last season I got a beautiful fake fur coat by Marco de Vincenzo. I have been fortunate in the past, the pieces I have bought always turn out to become all-time favourites.

Since you are a bit of a sales shopping expert, what are your five ultimate tips to shop the discount?

1. Start early: be the first to get an overview of the upcoming discounts.
2. Shop early in the morning, when the shops upload new products
3. Be decisive
4. Choose your hunting grounds wisely (not too many online stores you usually don’t visit)
5. Concentrate!

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