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Sales Tips & Tricks from Lisa Hahnbück

It's tempting to go rogue during the sales season but to avoid panic attacks in fitting rooms and disappointing returns, we asked the ultimate sales advice to our style experts. Prepare to fill your basket with Lisa Hahnbück's autumn/winter 2017 discount wish list.

by Chloé Bauwens
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Do you like shopping during sales season?
I would dare to say that I love to shop sales items. I mean, who doesn't? That feeling you get when there's a piece you want badly and then catch it during sales season, it's the best feeling ever. (laughs)

What are you looking for during these autumn/winter 2017 sales?
This season I'm looking for the 'Niki' over-the-knee boots from Saint Laurent. I just got myself the 'Velocite' jacket which had been on my wish list for a really long time. I think those classic pieces like knee-high boots, leather trousers and jackets and cashmere knits are the smartest things to buy during sales. These pieces will always be reliable fashion investments since the styles will last you forever. 

That feeling you get when there's a piece you want badly and then catch it during sales season, it's the best feeling ever.
Is there something you would never buy during sales, no matter the discount?
The 'must have' pieces of the season that are linked very specifically to the season. In general I only buy items that I really love. When I'm not sure, I know I shouldn't buy it, even if the discount is mind-boggling. I once bought a printed shirt by Ganni that I had liked for an entire season but was never completely sure of. During sales, it was at such a good price that I quickly grabbed it on my way to the cashier, but I never wore it. If you don't want to buy it at full price, then don't buy it when it's discounted.

Which questions do you ask yourself before you make a purchase?
First of all, I make sure I love the piece in question. After that, I ask myself if I'm able to style three to four outfits with other items from my wardrobe. If that's possible, I analyse whether or not the specific item is worth its price. During the season, I'll sleep on it, and if I'm still thinking of it the next day, I'm almost 100% sure I need to have it. Of course, during sales, you'll need to think quicker than that or the item will be gone. That's why during sales I'll ask myself one last question to guarantee a speedy and correct decision: is this piece trend-driven or will it last me for several seasons? If it's timeless, I know I'll be happy with it for years to come. 

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