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Sales Tips & Tricks from Lena Terlutter

It's tempting to go rogue during the sales season but to avoid panic attacks in fitting rooms and disappointing returns, we asked the ultimate sales advice to our style experts. Prepare to fill your basket with Lena Terlutter's autumn/winter 2017 discount wish list.

by Chloé Bauwens
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Can you describe your sales shopping tactic?
I don't have a tactic at all. (laughs) I am a very impatient person by nature, and usually, I just don't have the endurance to wait for something I want until it hits the sales. It does, however, happen that I'm browsing during sales and stumble upon something I love. In that case, you'll find me freaking out because I feel like I'm saving money. (laughs) 
While you aren't an avid sales shopper, you do have some expert shopping experience. What are your ultimate tips to shop during sales?
First of all, I recommend installing the apps and newsletters for the online shops you love. That way you get all of the push alerts and notifications to stay up-to-date on the latest deals. Aside from that, I think you should always think twice before you make a purchase that's on sale. Ask yourself if you would buy the item if it weren't discounted to begin with, and compare with what you really love and need. Last but not least, I think it's important during sales and during the season to enjoy shopping and have fun with it. In the end, that's what fashion is all about. 
I prefer online shopping where everything is calm, relaxed and organised according to my personal needs.
What do you consider as a 'smart sales purchase'?
To me personally, it's never about shopping smart. It's about having fun with fashion and shopping happens to make us happy, right? (laughs) Maybe it's smart to invest in the designer of the moment or a classic piece that will last forever, but if those items aren't things you love, I personally don't consider them smart. If you love what you're buying, it's always the right and the smart decision.
Where do you love to shop?
During sales, stores are often too busy for me. I don't like the mentality of the typical sales customer who grabs and rummages around in stores. That's why, certainly during sales, I prefer online shopping where everything is calm, relaxed and organised according to my personal needs. During sales, I recommend looking for bargains at luxury e-retailers and stores since they often have the most significant difference in pricing when those luxury items are on sale. 

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