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Sales Tips & Tricks from Andy Torres

It's tempting to go rogue during the sales season but to avoid panic attacks in fitting rooms and disappointing returns, we asked the ultimate sales advice to our style experts. Prepare to fill your basket with Stylescrapbook's Andy Torres autumn/winter 2017 discount wish list.

by Chloé Bauwens
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Andy, you are probably an avid year-round shopper, are you still tempted to go on a shopping spree during sales?
Definitely! I tend to be very selective when I shop, simply because my wardrobe is already filled to the brim. That selective approach works ideally with sales shopping as I add items to my 'wish list' cart during the year instead of going straight to the checkout page. That way, I give myself time to decide whether or not I really want and need that specific item. By the time I decide, a lot of items are already on sale, so that's a win-win!
Is your shopping tactic different during sales compared to the rest of the season?
It's not different since I use the 'wish list'-tactic year-round. It's always smart to pre-select items and review them before making impulse buys. By using a wish list, all of my favourite items of the season are saved in one place where I can come and check them at later times. During the season I'll alter the list by adding or removing items and that way I end up with my ultimate favourites at the start of the sales season. Aside from that, I want to avoid going into stores during sales period as much as possible. Shopping online offers a lot less hassle, if you are confident that you are ending up with the right size.

By using the 'wish list'-tactic I give myself time to decide whether or not I really want and need that specific item.
Since you contemplate each item before hitting 'buy', are there any key questions you ask yourself?
Yes, I think there are four questions that I will always myself to justify a purchase. The first one and most important one: do I really love this? After that I ask myself whether or not I will wear this specific item more than ten times, I analyse how versatile it is and if it will match and complement my existing wardrobe. If an item ticks off all of these boxes, then I'm almost 100 percent sure it will bring me joy.
What are, according to you, the smartest things to buy on sale?
Probably statement pieces and things that were a bit more pricey before the sale started. I always keep my eyes on designer shoes and bags. You could potentially score an excellent deal on the sale. I once found the most amazing pair of patent leather shoes from Givenchy, with pearl details and with that masculine touch I love. I think they were about 60 or 70 percent off, so in that specific case, I didn't even blink before swiping my card. (laughs)

What was your worst sales purchase ever?
I honestly can't remember, which is probably a good sign. (laughs) But I don't recommend buying pieces that are too trend focused and that I know I won't be wearing after a couple of months. I have done it before and regretted it, so that's a sales pitfall I avoid at all costs. 

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