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24 Hours at PFW with Tiany Kiriloff

She's one of the founders of Belmodo, works as a stylist, is the mother of three fashionable little girls - the mini Kiriloves - and is known for her colourful, feminine style. We followed Tiany Kiriloff during Paris Fashion Week and talked about her personal style, street style photography and her never-ending hectic schedule. 

Photography by Søren Jepsen
Words by Chloé Bauwens
Thanks to Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel
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Rise and shine

'In Belgium, my alarm is set around 6:45, but during fashion week I'm gifted a little bit of extra sleep. I set my alarm at 7:30, but usually, I keep snoozing until 8:00. I should probably stop snoozing though, those 30 extra minutes aren't worth the frantic stress afterwards. (laughs) When I'm up, the first thing I do is a quick scroll through my Instagram feed. I'm not really a Facebook person, and I leave my emails for later during the day, but I am guilty of checking Instagram obsessively. After that, it's time to take a shower and get ready for the day.' 

What to wear

'Before I decide what to wear, I look at the weather forecast for the day. This Paris Fashion Week, the weather was freezing cold, so there's no use in taking out all of my easy, breezy dresses. Unless you want to catch pneumonia that is. (laughs) After the weather, my mood of the day is taken into account. Sometimes I'll build my entire outfit around a pair of shoes I desperately want to wear. At other times, everything can revolve around a certain handbag. During fashion week I'm limited to the things that I packed in my bags, but If I'm honest, I'm quite the overpacker so I'll always have options to spare.'

I love mixing and matching, layering and playing with different colours and prints.
'When I'm packing, I try to plan the outfits in my mind, but I admit that way of working isn't always very efficient. I have three children at home, so when I'm packing there simply isn't enough time to plan everything to a tee. I usually end up throwing my favourites into a bag, and when I arrive, I'll notice what I forgot. But it always works out. I love mixing and matching, layering and playing with different colours and prints. It doesn't have to follow the rules and trends. Every outfit I wear happens kind of organically and coincidental, and in the end, it always looks good. So while I might have the ambition to plan everything, in reality, this way of packing and planning always works for me. My unstructured packing habit matches my personality and how I get dressed. Everything needs to happen organically.' 

It's showtime

'After checking Instagram, taking a shower and getting dressed, it's time to plan the rest of my day. If I'm lucky I'll have time for breakfast, if I snoozed for too long the chaos starts immediately. Depending on the invites of the day, I check where I need to be at what time and how far apart the locations are from each other. Can I walk between shows to get some air and enjoy the Parisian streets? Do I need to run to the metro immediately after the show ends? Do I need to order an Uber? I try to know these things in advance, but in reality, this schedule always crumbles after the first shows. The shows always run late, the street style photographers stop you too long for pictures, the Uber doesn't show up... I always want to do more than I can. One of my goals each season is to see some showrooms aside from the scheduled shows, but even that seems to be nearly impossible. I do try to pay extra attention to finding the time to eat in between shows, but it still happens that I show up at a dinner reservation at the end of the day, around 10 p.m., and realise that I'm starving because I haven't managed to eat anything else during the day. Sometimes you'll get a snack at a show, but with this year's freezing weather you really need more energy than that. Or else you'd drop fashionably dead. (laughs)'

Even for the street style photographers it's important to stay true to yourself. I'm always portrayed in a look I love and styled myself.

The street style circus

'After all this time, I still love the circus around fashion week. The street style photographers who are anxiously waiting at each venue, hoping to catch a good outfit and capture it, I admire it all. While I love it, I don't get dressed to impress them. I don't have the budget to buy those crazy creations that I could only wear once here. (laughs) It's usually a stroke of luck whether or not I get photographed by the street style crowd. Plus, it's not a must to get shot by them. There are so many photographers, but there are even more impeccably dressed women, each of them unique and wonderful with their own sense of style. That's why I think it's so important to stay true to yourself. If you get lucky and get shot and appear on Elle or Vogue or whatever, you're shot in your own style. I've been doing this for some time now, so I'm lucky in the way that they recognise me and will ask me for a picture quite regularly, but I'm always portrayed as myself. In a look I love and styled myself.'

No time to unwind

'While everyone's fashion week schedule is packed with shows, showrooms and presentations during the day, most brands also schedule evening events and dinners. So even when you're tired after a long day of walking around - in high heels nonetheless - and smiling during every picture opportunity, the evenings don't equal Netflix and chill in your hotel. I try to combine those events with catching up with some of my friends to mix business with pleasure. A cocktail at the hotel bar before we have to leave, a late dinner, ... These extra events also mean additional outfits, though. I usually try to get back to the hotel after the last show so I have time to change and freshen up before the evening activities start. By the time I get back, it's usually past midnight but I'll still make the effort to cleanse my skin properly and maybe put on a face mask. You need to look your best again the next day because then the circus starts again.' 
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