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Vogue's Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey

Busy with the final edit of the SS18 Vogue Trend Report (a presentation to 200 industry insiders) and clearly still reeling from the buzz and excitement surrounding the launch of new Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful's first issue, of British Vogue. Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey shares 5 minutes with us to discuss her role in more detail.

by Chloé Bauwens

Working at Vogue speaks to every girl's imagination, even more so after the hit 'The Devil Wears Prada' from 2006. Since then (and probably before), women everywhere try to decipher the truth and myth behind the movie by frantically reading interviews with real-life editors in an attempt to get a glimpse of what working and walking in those hallowed hallways is really like. 'The Vogue corridor is like a live runway show every day', Ginnie warm-heartedly concurs our guess. 'I love working here and not only for all the outfits the team wears. It's a colourful, busy, fast and friendly workplace.' With aspiring editors almost literally lining up behind the corner to get a job at the world's leading fashion magazine, our follow-up question of how Ginnie landed her position isn't surprising. Unfortunately, neither is Ginnie's reply. Working hard, interning and plain old luck seem to be the not-so-magical answer, as we've read in numerous previously analysed interviews. 'I had worked tirelessly during summer holidays and made it my goal to build up my CV with significant work experience', Ginnie explains. 'I secured a stint at US Vogue's Paris office under Fiona Darin, did an internship at the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice, pulled pints in my local pub, did temping at GQ fashion, ... In the end, it came down to a case of right place, right time and I started at Vogue as an advertising assistant.'

No amount of high street purchases and impulse buys will be as special as that one big investment piece.

Now, twelve years at Vogue, Ginnie works as the Executive Retail Editor, a function that forces her to get those freshly launched boots and 'soon-to-be-sold-out-everywhere'-handbag on our radar. As Vogue girls are constantly surrounded by the latest and brightest covetable items, we wonder if they still enjoy shopping. 'I LOVE shopping', Ginnie laughs. 'But I get as much of a fix from browsing, which helps the budget. I just have to make considered purchases. If I see something and am still thinking about it the next day, then I get it. That's the test. But my rule of thumb is the number three; I have to envisage three ways of wearing it in order to justify buying something.' Keeping a budget in mind while shopping is a necessary evil for all, but certainly working at Vogue has made an even bigger style impact. 'I have managed to work out what suits me', Ginnie adds. 'I now have a better understanding of how little I need to shop, how I shop smarter and that no amount of high street purchases and impulse buys will be as special as that one big investment piece. My mantra with my personal clients (ed. aside from working at Vogue, Ginnie also works as a freelance wardrobe consultant) is 'buy fewer, buy better'.'

Zooming in further on Ginnie's personal style, we decided to ask the ultimate throwback question first: what did she wear to her job interview? 'It was a denim Diane von Fürstenberg jacket, and it cost me a fortune', she recalls. 'The other day I put it on eBay, but I took it off in no time because of its sentimental value.' While the DVF denim jacket has moved to the back of the wardrobe, Ginnie's personal style at work upholds the same laid-back aesthetic. 'I would describe my personal style as considered, colourful and oversized but conservative when needed. I make sure to adapt my outfits according to my daily schedule. At work, I'll go for a pair of navy wool cropped trousers and an oversized T-shirt. Combined with barely there make-up, or perhaps the addition of a red lip when I'm feeling down. At the weekend I need a good shirt, luckily my good friend Pip launched her own brand: With Nothing Underneath. For a party, I'll opt for my Roksanda dresses. And my wedding shoes. They are sparkly Jimmy Choos, but now I wear them with jeans and a velvet jacket.' 
As a busy mother online shopping should really be my best friend.
Talking to Ginnie rapidly reveals her great sense of style. This Vogue girl knows what she likes and how she wants it. Combining her ongoing love for shopping with her knowledge of the latest trends and launches, we wonder if these trends ever influence her current wardrobe choices. 'Of course. I'm working on the Vogue Trend Report for SS18 right now. There are a lot of pastels so guess what... I came to work in pastels today', Ginnie laughs. 'I made them applicable to winter by pairing them with navy trousers and a camel coat. While these trends certainly influence me, I'm not obsessed with buying the 'hero'-piece from a current collection. I think it's about pieces with a cross-seasonal buoyancy.' Before we let Ginnie get back to her daily duties, we quickly pick her brain for her favourite shopping destinations and go-to labels. 'I love Kitri and Ganni. I really think Louise Trotter at Joseph is at the top of her game right now and more and more I'm using eBay. I generally research my shopping items online, but I despise the disappointment of getting the wrong size or if the fabric feels poor. So customer service and delivery are still key. As a busy mother online shopping should really be my best friend.'
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