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Masters Of Autumn Styling

Coats, boots and weatherproof. Those are the three basics to transition your summer wardrobe into the ultimate autumn treasure trove. While these keywords may seem self-explanatory at first, they do leave some questions unanswered: which boots? How many coats? But what about global warming? To help you figure out some of the key autumn styling tips, we sat down with five fashionable influencers and had them spill their seasonal styling secrets.

photography by Felicia Van Ham & Elien Jansen

Lena Lademann for

What’s the first thing you buy to help you transition from summer into autumn?
I’m pretty sure I’ll start the season with a new coat. This year, I’m looking for a long, oversized version. Something I feel comfortable in that has a cosy element, a certain versatility and an overall chic look. A black or dark blue colour would tick all those boxes for me. Those darker hues are the easiest to incorporate into my daily wardrobe, meaning that I’m able to start wearing them over my summer outfits as soon as the temperatures start to drop. In case the overall look turns out to be too dark and moody, I can always add a pinch of colour into the mix by adding a scarf or another colourful accessory.

Developing your style can feel intimidating. Do you have any advice on how to develop an individual aesthetic?
I would suggest starting with some good basics, keep things simple at first. After nailing those, you can move on and add a qualitative bag into the mix. By slowly building your wardrobe and replacing some of your old or unworn items by pieces you love, you’ll figure out your style along the way. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be unique and try to look at others for inspiration, but don’t copy them. If you start copying someone, you’ll quickly lose your vision and the opportunity to develop your aesthetic properly.

You mention looking to others for inspiration, but where do you find inspiration for your looks?

Personally, I try to stay away from other influencers and personalities. I do follow magazines and photographers, and I get a lot of inspiration by looking at a picture or a simple design. When I’m styling a look, I always focus on one product that I want to wear and then I simply start adding complimentary items. I play with everything I own, trying to come up with new and intriguing combinations. That’s what I love about styling looks, the fun you have while goofing around with the endless possibilities a single item offers. It’s what fashion ultimately should be for everyone: fun.

Deborah Reyner for

It’s hard to play favourites, but are there any labels that have won you over for autumn/winter 2017?
I’m a big fan of Saint Laurent and Marni, but for my website, I prefer to put my focus on some of the lesser-known and upcoming brands. I spent a lot of my time contacting these up-and-coming labels for my blog. I love to share an unknown label, a new designer with my readers and followers and hope to inspire them. Aside from that, I’m naturally looking forward to the AW17 Calvin Klein Collection, Jil Sander and the shoes at Salvatore Ferragamo, now that they have a new designer at the helm.

What’s your secret to transforming your summer wardrobe into an autumn one?
Reorganise your closet and focus on some strong basics. A smoking jacket, a white shirt, a men’s coat… These classic pieces won’t go out of style, but give a high-end vibe to all your looks. If you invest in a good shirt this autumn, you’ll be able to wear it through winter and spring and use it as a dress next summer. The mules from this summer get their seasonal upgrade with a pair of trendy socks. When you look for new ways to approach your otherwise basic items, they’ll quickly become some of your year-round favourites.

Liza Chloë for

September is fast approaching; do you have a wish list ready for the new season?
I might have a small wish list ready, yes. (laughs) But there are only a few items that I’m already 100 percent sure of. Like a dark red Proenza Schouler bag. Knee-high boots are also high on the list, but I’m still contemplating which ones I want to get. The third item will be a new coat. It’s the best way to transition into autumn, and when it’s a strong coat, your outfit doesn’t require that much else for a complete look. The right coat must be sexy and elegant, but I’m confident I’ll find one soon.

When you’re shopping, are there things you’d never try?

A onesie. (laughs) I mean one of those sleepwear onesies. Personally, I’m not a fan of the trend. I dare to say those things are ugly. Jumpsuits are something entirely different and completely up my alley. Aside from onesies, I’d never wear something that doesn’t compliment my figure. My waist doesn’t allow for a lot of volume surrounding it, so I’m mindful of that and try to find pieces with a tailored and elegant silhouette.

Mirjam Flatau for

Switching from summer to autumn, does this affect your wardrobe?
No, not at all. Obviously, I’ll buy a couple of new pieces every season, but I have a very clear style that doesn’t alter a lot. I try to invest in pieces that I can wear throughout the entire year by layering them. I would wear a summer dress with a sweater and opt for sneakers instead of sandals for example. I think layering is crucial when you want to work trans-seasonal.

You’ll buy some new pieces; do you have your heart set out for something for AW17?

There isn’t one certain piece that I’m holding out for. I really love what Balenciaga is doing at the moment. And Maison Margiela remains effortlessly cool. It’s a bit masculine, but all of the items have a certain edge as well. If I could, I’d buy their entire collection. (laughs) I’m on the hunt for a coat and a cosy sweater, but I’m not sure from which label yet. We’ll see!

Tiany Kiriloff for

Are there any trends for AW17 that can ease the pain of our ending summer for you?
The colour brown. I’m really looking forward to wearing that again. A beautiful chocolate brown. It’s such a rich hue, but it’s also effortless to combine with other brown tints like camel and beige or with chic blush pink tones. Or with ochre and denim. I could go on easily, so I’m rather confident brown will be my go-to colour and trend this autumn. (laughs) I already bought a boxy, heavy cotton overcoat of Sofie D’Hoore’s autumn/winter 2017 collection and I can’t wait to wear it. It has oversized buttons and a sturdy look, but I think it will look fantastic combined with a military green or mustard yellow.  

Would you be able to pick a favourite brand for this season?

Valentino, I think. Their seventies boots are fabulous. Also, their earrings and beaded necklaces were some of my favourites on the runway. Valentino continues to deliver strong accessories year after year, and they undoubtedly end up on my wish list. (laughs) I think it’s their usage of colour and the right mix of edgy and sophisticated that makes them so intriguing to me.

Is there a trend that you would never try?

My motto is: never say never. If I’m honest, the intergalactic trend this season will probably pass me by though. Those glossy metallics and prints… They aren’t that flattering for every body type. I try to be aware of that when I’m picking out items for myself. I might love the trend, but I need to keep my own body and aesthetic in mind. In fashion, you can go crazy, but my ultimate advice is to keep things flattering and elegant. Then everything works.