Looking Out

August Culture Round-Up

August’s global leisure list for globe-trotters. CarréCouture selects the most notable hospitality openings, the finest art exhibitions and the hottest spots to grab a bite or a drink, across the continents. In short, places that are the current talk of the town, no matter which one you’re in.

by Siska Lyssens


One of the most influential contemporary fashion photographers, Hans Feurer is being fêted by the Berlin gallery Camera Work. More than 25 medium to large size works by the iconic Swiss snapper are shown through October, to celebrate the Berlin gallery’s 20th anniversary. His work became widely recognised in the late Sixties and Seventies, when he ventured into the fashion world and collaborated with Pirelli and several famous fashion magazines of the time. Even today, his photographs - often highly sexually charged without necessarily showing much skin – appear in Vogue, Elle, Numéro and Another.

Hans Feurer at Camera Work Gallery, influential fashion photographer.


This month, the newest addition to the Ibiza hospitality scene should be in full swing. Named Sir Joan, after the street it’s located on, the hotel faces the marina and has Ibiza Old Town as a backdrop. As a boutique hotel, Sir Joan has only 38 rooms and suites, including two penthouses. Two restaurants and a bar, as well as a pool, can also be found in the design hotel, that has polished, hammered stainless steel surfaces as a trademark. The interior, by the Israelian firm Baranowitz +Kronenberg, boasts smooth wooden yacht floors, white marble bathroom elements, and an eclectic mix of furniture for added charm. A brand-new bohemian luxe destination for party animals and quiet sun-worshippers alike.

Sir Joan Hotel. Photography by Amit Geron.


The poster image for the Ado Chale exhibition that opens on the 18th August in Bozar, Brussels, emanates a sense of mystique. The image, of various circular shapes in natural materials, grace the paper, along with the terms: Alchemist. Artisan. Designer. The post-war Belgian designer is a mineralogist and a blacksmith, who approaches furniture as if it was art. Chale can be best described as a curious dreamer. On show will be a selection of objects and furniture, such as his Goutte d’eau bronze table, his mosaics of bone, pepper corns and mother-of-pearl, and tables made of petrified trees. A touching homage to the 89-year-old artist, and a taster of Brussels Design Weekend, which kicks off in September. 

Ado Chale, Bozar Brussels

Photography Jean-François Jaussaud, Gilles van den Abeele

New York

It can come as no surprise that a good chunk of New Yorkers are at odds with the new American administration, headed by President Donald Trump. But, knowing the resilience and ingenuity of New Yorkers, it comes as no surprise either that action is taken, too. A conspicuous example is Coup, a new cocktail bar that donates 100% of its profits to organisations that are set to suffer under Trump’s polices. So if you happen to be in the Big Apple and you feel like being political while enjoying a tipple, Coup’s the new place to be.

Coup, New York. 


Mid-July, the artist who won Max Mara’s Art Prize for Women, Emma Hart, unveiled the fruits of her 6-month residency in Italy, at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Her new, large-scale installation, titled “Mamma Mia!”, fills the double-height space with glazed ceramic lanterns in the shape of human heads with vivid visual patterns of Hart’s own invention painted on their interiors – an exploration of behavioural patterns within family dynamics. Produced together with artisans in Faenza, this huge “family of jugs”, as she calls them, is eerily humanoid and darkly comical. Each one projects light in the shape of a speech bubble. It’s up to you to choose whether you’ll step into it.

Emma Hart at the Whitechapel Gallery

Photography Thierry Bal