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Fendi's Eyeline Sunglasses

With their ground-breaking design and avant-garde look, the Fendi Eyeline sunglasses are a reinterpretation of the classic aviator. This particular pair reflects the house’s distinctive knack for experimenting with shapes and introducing new, geometric lines to each creation.

photography by Frederik Vercruysse
styling by Zoë Hordies & Christine Van Laer
words by Charlotte De Loose

The icon

From the second Fendi initiated accessory design, they have continuously been improving their unique approach to reinventing shapes and modernising iconic pieces while respecting tradition and artisan craftsmanship. From every angle, the Eyeline has a clean-cut aesthetic, embodied by straight lines and contemporary flat lenses. Cherishing the iconic aviator shape, Fendi added some innovative attention-grabbers: cut-off corners at the temples and a straight nose bridge, perfectly parallel with the top bar.

The gold metallic frame and warm-toned lenses add some softness to the crisp lines of the model, symbolising the golden evening light of Indian summer beach nights. Fulfilling its duty as an influential accessory, the Eyeline sunglasses add instant shape to the face and are best matched with light summer fabrics and soft neutrals for a contradictory style statement.

Ageless and endless inspiration

The aviator is a historic model, produced during World War II and worn by air force pilots because of functional benefits. The glasses were designed to shield pilots’ eyes from bitter weather conditions and bright sunlight while they were up in the air. During and after war times, military wear had a great influence on fashion and the unique aviator design didn’t escape that. It gained commercial success and producers anticipated this by no longer limiting to a male audience. By adding slight adjustments to the design and colour, they became popular among women as well. The timeless pair was adopted by numerous subcultures over time and has become an icon that brands and designers, like Fendi, will gladly keep reinventing over and over again.
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