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How To Wear a Mini Bag 24/7

This season you will most likely be accessorising your summer outfits with a handbag that is either undeniably large or adorably small. We can prove to you that even though it may be just a fraction of the size, you can make just as big a statement with a teeny tiny bag. Realise its full potential and wear it from morning to evening, regardless the occasion.

by Charlotte De Loose

For brunch

Small accessories in general are a soft and elegant way to add to an already feminine look, so combine your mini bag with some dainty earrings and a ditto bracelet. When wearing a cross body mini bag try to avoid voluminous, architectural clothing and opt for an outfit that emphasises the waist.

To the office

When dressing for the office, the challenge is to remain business-appropriate and still let your fashion personality shine through. Find a passe-partout mini bag that matches your favourite ensemble and up your street style game when stepping out of your office building. Apart from being beneficial to your look, a pocket bag compels you to limit yourself to the bare essentials on a daily basis.

For a night out

There’s something about the combination of a maxi dress or skirt with a small bag that oozes glamour. Take your classic all-black evening look to another level by adding an embellished little bag in a bright shade that makes it stand out even more. When in doubt, you can always rely on a trusty little black bag to go with any evening look, as it is equally timeless as your little black dress.
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