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How To Wear Sophisticated Sheer

See-through, mesh, clear, transparent. Sheer is still all those things. What changed is that it no longer evidently equals bare skin now that there’s a new, more subtle way to include sheer fabrics in your ensemble. Have no fear, for sophisticated sheer is here.

words by Charlotte De Loose

Designers' approach to sheer

Fashion should be fun. That’s what the greater part of the designers kept in the back of their mind when they took their favourite sheer fabrics and used them in various intriguing ways, one silhouette being entirely different from the next. While a bunch of them openly remain advocates of the #freethenipple movement, the greater part used sheer in a much more accessible way.

By putting one sheer black layer on top of a polka-dot-printed one, Loewe adds a whole new dimension to a classically tailored ensemble. Both Chloé and Joseph did an immaculate job of layering two completely differently-cut dresses on top of each other, the bottom one being opaque and the top one see-through. Stella McCartney brings to life a smart styling trick and softens down a bright green knitted turtleneck by putting a transparent maxi dress on top, embroidered with delicate lace details. All these design teams indisputably deserve an A+ for originality, granting us with what seems to be the most exciting and truly entertaining reinvention of this autumn/winter.
From left: Lanvin, Joseph, Loewe, Stella McCartney, Chloé

Sophisticated sheer styled for the street

The street version of sheer is subtle and most importantly suitable for every season. Whereas in previous seasons sheer equalled lots of bare skin and therefore required warm temperatures, this season's sheer is more versatile and fit for winter. For a minimum amount of sheer, add a small see-through detail in the form of a panelled maxi skirt or dress with transparent inserts. When feeling more avant-garde, let your creativity flow. This autumn is prime time for that top-to-toe transparent dress which always seemed like a challenge to wear, simply throw it over your favourite pair of slouchy jeans for a surprising dress-plus-trousers kind of look. The most welcomed variant is the two-layered midi skirt which features an opaque black - or differently coloured - bottom layer with a sheer layer on top of it, which is usually embroidered with coloured florals for a fun trompe-l'oeil-effect

How our stylists did it

The trick of styling a sheer piece over your regular opaque staples is probably our stylists' favourite this season. The floral-embroidered, double-layered midi skirt as mentioned above is a subtle throwback to the floral apocalypse of spring/summer 2017. Paired with a basic tee in a neutral colour and a slouchy knit on top, it's the perfect remedy to slowly getting acclimatised to the new season. How to wear sophisticated sheer to the office? Invest in a transparent blouse and wear it over your basic turtleneck to create depth without being obligated to show skin. If you feel like showing a more classic side, a black or white dress with see-through lace sleeves is still the epitome of seductive yet mysterious femininity. 
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