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Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

With the Christmas festivities only a few days away, it’s high time to wrap up your holiday shopping. Opt for petite pleasantries and failsafe crowd-pleasers to stuff your stockings at a rapid pace. Don’t worry once you’re in a hurry - we’ve got you covered when it comes to gift inspiration.

by Martine Verhoeven

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Plan B

There are two types of shoppers when Christmas time comes around: the few that plan their gifts year-round, making sure everything is bought and paid for by the time Black Friday comes peeking around the corner. And then there are the ones that rush to the stores two days before Christmas Eve, bracing the weather and other hasty shoppers in their path. If you’re the latter and all that avails is flight, an online search for last-minute stocking fillers might be your best choice. Opt for a festive one-stop-wonder like socks, scarves or cosy hats or choose a rhinestone-encrusted showstopper that will have them saying 'you shouldn’t have' in no-time - keeping the bad habit a well-covered secret until next year’s festivities come around.
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Festive Jewellery

What is a party ensemble without a dazzling touch of jewellery? That's right, not so festive at all.


Merry & Bright

With the days counting down to the holiday festivities, we turn to the brightest shades ever to turn the end of the year into a thing of pure joy.

Accessories To Go

Smooth versus textured, bold-coloured versus earth-toned, out-of-the-box or streamlined: autumn/winter's accessories edit is as ambiguous as it is tempting.