Pre-Fall 2017 Editorial

College Cool

Reminiscing about lost days of dreaming behind school desks, easily results in a longing for those carefree days. For pre-fall 2017, designers channel a quite grown up schoolgirl and capture a nostalgic spirit that transports us back to those early September days.

photography by Serge Leblon
styling by Zoë Hordies and Christine Van Laer

With Flying Colours

Don't dwell on the tiny unpleasant details of your old school days, instead remember the fun and unworried times of wandering through hallways, giggling behind syllabuses and doodling on your neighbour's notes. It is with that mindset that the pre-fall 2017 collegiate-inspired items find a way to your wardrobe and successfully help you to transition from summer into fall. Allow your tanned legs an extra moment in the spotlight with high socks plastered with seventies graphics. Combined with an oversized checked poncho or cape, you'll hit just the right amount of sexy suggestiveness this look needs to steer clear from high school uniform vibes. Complete your feminine cool silhouette with a preppy crisp white shirt that peeps underneath and a classic pair of loafers. When you stay true to a muted colour palette of retro hues, this look will turn out to be a guaranteed A+.