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Belgian newcomer Tuinch immediately entered into the spotlight after collaborating with Danish beauty Pernille Teisbaek. The luxury cashmere brand will soon become the ultimate go-to choice for atypical, luxurious knitwear that elegantly blends into every modern wardrobe.



New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Tuinch's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

It was the purchase of a traditional cashmere knit scarf, while being stuck at a Tibetan airport that inspired Tuinch’s founder and creative director Veronique Vermussche. The chance encounter with Asian cashmere sparked her interest and she decided to create her own Belgian, luxury cashmere label. Without any previous in-depth fashion knowledge, Veronique emerged herself into Asia’s cashmere tradition to learn more about Nepal’s purest form of cashmere, the jewel of fibre.

Cashmere is often considered a luxurious, but ever-classic staple. Veronique, however, set out to maintain this sense of luxury while redefining its look and feel. By reinventing silhouette proportions, adding elements of deconstruction and turning to unusual architectural shapes, Tuinch succeeded in creating a daring and refreshing approach to knitwear. In doing so, she supports a sustainable manufacturing process by local artisans in Kashmir, making Tuinch pure in every single way.

Collection autumn/winter 2017

This autumn, Veronique Vermussche’s Belgian cashmere label is all about reinventing Cashmere considering an array of whimsical dimensions, artful ruffles and contemporary materials. The collection is built on a minimalistic aesthetic, an architectural line of exquisite cashmere in pure quality. By letting the fabrics speak for themselves, Tuinch celebrates a collection filled with deconstructed pieces, evoking a contemporary yet timeless appeal. As a newcomer to the fashion scene, Vermussche is a minimalist at core translating her art into elegant silhouettes, such as this season’s billowy tri-colour knit and a navy floor-length sweater dress.