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Creative director Amy Smilovic reinvented her Tibi brand successfully the last few years, making the label synonymous with modernity and femininity.


New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Tibi's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Self-made designer Amy Smilovic launched Tibi in 1997 in Hong Kong after a serious need for casual business attire that was missing from the scène. The name of the brand originated from the last name of her first business partner, after which she moved along to team up with her husband, Frank Smilovic.

When the label moved to the United States, it immediately caught the eye of buyers from major boutiques, catapulting Smilovic’s creations straight to success. In 2005 Tibi showed her collection for the first time during Fashion Week in New York. A few years later the label’s revenues spiralled down which called for a rethinking of the positioning and aesthetic of the creations. Creative director Amy desired to throw off the current connotations of the brand and reinvent the state of mind of the designs.

Moving away from prints, the new approach of Tibi revolves around four key words: clean, modern, relaxed and feminine. To ensure visibility and the right associations, Amy teamed up with fashion bloggers such as Swedish Elin Kling to style the collections and give the brand the allure it was craving.

Collection autumn/winter 2017

The autumn/winter 2017 collection of Tibi plays with the notion of volume and layering. Oversized blazers with exaggerated shoulders function as a lead throughout the collection, paired with skin-legged trousers and mini skirts in the same pattern. Various fabrics such as velvet and silk were implemented in a variety of colours to create an inspiring winter palette. Styling-wise Tibi opted for confident layering with clean trousers and frivolous dresses empowering each other.