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Japanese label Suzusan fuses traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. The hand-dyed shibori technique is one wardrobe favourite that will never date.



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About the designer

The roots of Suzusan lie in the small town of Arimatsu, Japan, where the Murase family has been crafting traditional textile using the shibori technique for over a hundred years. Refined materials are intricately wrung, pressed and twisted, with hand-dyed colours that give each piece a unique and prestigious surface. Our rapid-moving society is expertly offset by the skilful handwork that is interlaced in every single piece the label creates.

Creative designer Hiroyuki Murase is a fifth-generation member of the Murase-family. Growing up, he was able to visit the shibori ateliers, having front-row seats to the artisans’ creative thought processes. Now, twenty years later, he uses some of the same tools that he played with as a child. Murase first came to Europe in 2003 to enrol in an art education in the United Kingdom. Later on, he studied the integration of fine art and architecture at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Transforming the traditional heritage to evoke a contemporary European allure, the designer applies the shibori method to adorn sublime materials such as cashmere, silk and alpaca wool. He first launched his collection of graceful scarves in 2007, presenting a complete ready-to-wear collection that extended the line in 2014. Hiroyuki believes artistic craftsmanship entails five essential elements: skill, experience, knowledge, beauty, and above all, love.