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Sofie D'Hoore

Designer Sofie D'Hoore stays true to her Belgian origins and still chooses to be based in Brussels. Her aesthetic can be defined as extremely uncomplicated and is internationally recognized.


New Season Collection

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About the designer

Known as a modest, yet incredibly talented designer, Sofie D'Hoore has been on the fashion industry radar for several years. Growing up in Antwerp, Belgium, she's been surrounded by family with careers in medicine, leading her to train as a dentist. However, it was not the love for dentistry but merely her perseverance and cleverness that led her to graduating. Her interest in fashion was definitely influenced by her admiration for the rise of the Antwerp Six. D'Hoore made a career switch right after her dentistry studies and started textile engineering which at first seemed more interesting than it was in practice. Her highly anticipated wish to pursue a career in fashion became concrete when she entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp where she studied under Walter Van Beirendonck and followed the footsteps of many talented designers.