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Denim brand Seafarer was founded in 1896 by Tony Anzalone. While the tailor originally started out designing regulation uniforms for the Navy, the now iconic bell-bottom jeans put Seafarer on the map as a fashion label. Today Seafarer remains known for its flared silhouette complimented with maritime-inspired pieces.


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About the designer

In 1896, Italian immigrant and former US Navy Sailor Tony Anzalone decided to fulfil his lifelong dream as a tailor and opened a tailor shop next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Adapting the fit of US Navy regulation uniforms for sailors, he came up with the idea of bell-bottom trousers. Based on the notion that sailors need to be able to roll up their pants quickly, Anzalone invented the bell-bottom shape that perfectly responds to these requirements. The style was adopted by the Navy as a part of its official uniform and was continuously used until 1999. Due to the high number of bell-bottoms that were being produced for the Navy, it was only a matter of time until some of them would end up in second-hand shops where they got picked up by students. Infiltrating the street style scene with their unique figure, flattering and feminine fit, bell-bottoms gained popularity quickly and skyrocketed to the top after being worn by celebrities.

Today, the silhouette has become synonym with the hippie culture, peace and Saint-Tropez, thanks to Brigitte Bardot. Recognising this phenomenon and the brand’s cultural heritage, Seafarer’s current co-owner Massimiliano Tabacchi relaunched the Seafarer label in 2013. While honouring its history, you can see more than a reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic bell-bottom jeans. As a fashion label, Seafarer looks to the archives for inspiration, but aims to create an entirely new heritage with an inspiring, modern and graceful collection, all with a maritime wink.

Collection autumn/winter 2017

Abiding the label’s luxurious maritime allure, Seafarer’s AW17 collection ranges from wide cropped culottes in classic nautical hues to the house’s iconic bell bottom jeans with contemporary accents once more. This autumn, with a slight hint of raw vintage vibes, neutral and bright orange suede embody a fervent seafaring seventies feel. While full cropped denim is characterised by frayed and flared hemlines, the house’s accustomed design offers astounding new fits, textures and silhouettes.