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With an everlasting strive for progress, Road to Awe designs street style silhouettes with an androgynous edge. Designer duo David Rimokh and Eli Azran fuse their creative aesthetics into iconic ready-to-wear.

New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from RtA's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Motivated by a constant pursuit of greatness, Road to Awe was founded in 2013 by Eli Azran and David Rimokh. Abbreviated as RtA, the label designs and produces from its home base in Los Angeles. Taking inspiration from Azran’s French background and Rimokh’s native L.A. cool, the designer duo partnered with boutique owner Evelyn Ungvavi to add a feminine expertise to their creative collections.

A true Road to Awe piece can be spotted by its effortlessly chic silhouette, offset with an androgynous note. The label’s iconic trousers, either crafted from timeless denim or pristine leather, are simple by heart, but elevated with rock’n’roll influences. While everyday wear is key when it comes to the brand’s aesthetic, an understated sense of sensuality is never far away.