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Oscar Tiye

Amina Muaddi introduced luxury footwear label Oscar Tiye in 2013. Since then, the Arab-inspired label has shown an undeniable expertise for transforming Italian leather into worldly coveted styles.

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About the designer

As a young girl, Amina Muaddi was infatuated with her mother’s heels. It would come to a point where punishable acts would result in a ban on the entire shoe collection, with Amina not being allowed to strut in her favourite pair. It was that profound fascination that led the designer-to-be to opt for studies in Fashion Communication at the European Institute of Design, followed by a thrilling year as fashion assistant to celebrity stylist Michael Nash. Muaddi decided to walk her own path in fashion and made sure to do so in nice heels. In search of the perfect pair, she and business partner Irina Curutz launched Oscar Tiye in 2013. After a year of perfecting her skills and knowledge at Italy’s Riviera del Brenta-based ateliers, Muaddi mastered the art of crafting remarkable and refined footwear.

Oscar Tiye mirrors Muaddi’s Arab heritage, as both the name and logo are inspired by Queen Tiye, the Queen of ancient Egypt. Legend has it she was gifted with a scarab for luck, sparking inspiration for the logo that is now embossed on the soles of every pair. A true Oscar Tiye style, both avant-garde and evidently fun, can also be recognised by its magenta lining and cushioned insoles. Distinctly feminine designs are balanced by a new-found sensibility, while high-quality materials pay homage to the true ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship.