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Nili Lotan

After leading several American design teams, Israeli-born and New York-based Nili Lotan launched her namesake label in 2003. The label is a go-to option for women looking for a no-nonsense attitude.

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About the designer

Nili Lotan recently renewed her popularity among fashionable twentysomethings, establishing the essence of her ageless and gender-fluid designs. Lotan is widely praised for her well-tailored volumes and clean lines. Her laidback aesthetic and versatile pieces are meant to inspire a wide variety of looks that easily trespass boundaries and comply with your vestibular needs. The designer considers her designs as closet ingredients that allow you to express your personality, which means she is thus not impressed by passers-by in head-to-toe Nili Lotan outfits. The flexibility of its collections and the mastery of understated elegance make the label a fashion favourite of contemporary urbanites.