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Maison Margiela

Reputable Belgian designer Maison Martin Margiela graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1979. Five years later he started his own label. Martin Margiela revolutionized the fashion industry with his eccentric, ground-breaking designs and affection for deconstruction. John Galliano took over the creative direction of the brand in 2004.



The latest and most exciting pieces from Maison Margiela's collection via our boutique partners.

Collection autumn/winter 2017

Staying true to Maison Margiela’s roots, John Galliano took a fresh approach to its signature elements of deconstruction. By cutting out shapes and sometimes immense chunks from pieces of clothing, the skill behind designing becomes visible, even for the untrained eye. This way, Galliano managed to create a tangible allure that shifts away from being overcomplicated but remains experimental. As we’ve become accustomed to with Maison Margiela, we were served with an innovative and different collection, giving us something to ponder over afterwards. Thanks to the cut-out Statue of Liberty, use of patchwork, varsity jackets and Marilyn Monroe references, the all-American feel of the collection was instantly recognisable and provided us with exactly what the show notes promised, ‘memories which unite us and give us hope’. It may be one of the most political statements Galliano has ever made, but he has done it in style.