Designer Focus

Magda Butrym

Committed to presenting luxury slow fashion collections, Magda Butrym's core DNA is completely based on Polish craftsmanship. Creating hand woven textiles, hand plaited leathers and embroidery, the designer has become one to keep an eye on.


New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Magda Butrym's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Dedicated to women who don't overthink their next outfit, Magda Butrym opts for a creative direction based on effortless femininity. Coming from a region that’s not associated with luxury fashion, her focus on employing Polish handcraft has become her most profitable advantage. Magda Butrym combines hand woven textiles and embroidery with her take on a slightly masculine streetwear look. The designer's previous experience as a celebrity stylist, combined with her widely hailed success on social media, has made the brand a fashion industry favourite.

On the spring/summer 2017 runway

Magda Butrym showcases floor-sweeping asymmetrical dresses in delicate floral prints, which are the thread throughout this collection. It's her way of merging this delicacy with a sense of minimalism, raw denim and subtle cut-outs. Every piece feels like it's designed to be either dressed up with a pair of heels or toned down with old-school sneakers.