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Independent design collective Lemaire breathes effortless elegance. Christophe Lemaire and his partner Sarah-Linh Tran completely turn their back on trends, resulting in sophisticated every day silhouettes.



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About the designer

Designed and produced in the fashion arrondissement of Paris, Le Marais, Lemaire stays true to the toned down French élégance. Accompanied by a team that shares the same philosophy, the collective is led by Christophe Lemaire and his partner Sarah-Linh Tran. Having designed for the most prestigious luxury brands in the industry, Christophe Lemaire draws on the idea of clothing being part of everyday life for his own brand. Completely turning their back on trends, the designers focus a sense of daily elegance and the practicality of womenswear.

"We like emancipated women, who do not aspire to be conventional. We like progressive women, women who are themselves, with strong personalities and who are independent thinkers" (T-magazine).

Collection autumn/winter 2017

Every season, Lemaire shows collections of the high-quality and elegant restraint, carefully designed for everyday use. Accordingly, for autumn/winter2017, Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran didn’t deflect from their aesthetic DNA, this season offering a more strictly tailored approach. Inspired by the cosmopolitan Parisian streets of yesterday and today, long-sleeved dresses with buttons that curved ever so lightly around the waist distinguished Lemaire’s runway. High-waisted men’s trousers in steely grey and brandy brown hues, and wide-ribbed corduroy oversized trousersuits in off-white and burgundy were a counterpoint to narrower silhouettes featuring cigarette trousers and shimmery fitted tops. The Lemaire love for layering returned in the form of sheer trousers worn with a long-line blazer or knee-length dress.