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Karolin Studio

Karolin Van Loon built on an appreciation for colours and raw materials when establishing her brand. Known for her custom cut agate jewellery, the effortless elegance she creates is truly unique.

New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Karolin Studio's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Karolin Van Loon is a self-taught jewellery designer, who grew her business from an admiration for nature and the materials it provides. After studying interior design and working in the industry successfully for ten years, Karolin was at the right time and place to launch her brand. Together with her husband, who works in the diamond sector, she did considerable research on how to create fine jewellery using agate found inside volcanic rocks mined in Mexico. While undeniably luxurious, Karolin doesn't describe her designs as jewellery, but rather as objects designed as an ode to nature. Crafted entirely by hand, the brightness of its colours and intriguing parallel lines make each jewel unique, an everyday statement piece.