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Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe carries on the balance between geometry and traditional materials from his own perspective.

New Season Collection

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About the designer

After graduating Japan's renowned Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo in 1984, Junya Watanabe started his apprenticeship at conceptual brand Comme des Garçons and became Rei Kawakubo's student. There he developed his talent for pattern making which led to Watanabe becoming head designer of the Comme des Garçons menswear line. Heading into the same conceptual direction, Junya Watanabe however did feel like he had a distinctive creative perspective on fashion. In 1993 he was able to establish his namesake label under the Comme des Garçons brand and had the opportunity to show the first collection at Paris fashion week the same year. His love for mathematical logic results in a clash between advanced techniques and traditional materials.

Collection spring/summer 2018

Junya Watanabe’s savviness for unusual shapes and punk rebellion translates into something more natural this season. His inherently Japanese aesthetic is paired with a Scandinavian positivity, gathering inspiration from Finland's Fifties and Sixties. He rummaged through archives of Marimekko interior fabrics, and the domestic dreaminess of these patterns stand in stark contrast with the punk dexterity of Watanabe's bulky silhouettes, tough leather jackets and metal spikes. Anarchic attitudes were given a ladylike revolt with elegant dresses that were moulded into the grandeur of extreme proportions yet felt like they were portraying the organic shapes and movements of nature. The loud prints went from black and white boldness to minimalist doodles and graphic army prints that added a ferociously vivid touch to the collection.