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Sophie Hardeman aims to reinterpret denim. Her genderless designs celebrate new-found ideas with a tongue-in-cheek mentality.

New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Hardeman's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Sophie Hardeman’s career has seen a whirlwind start. The Dutch designer only graduated in 2015, after studying fashion design and autonomous art at the prestigious Rietveld School of Design in Amsterdam. Upon leaving the Academy, Hardeman was instantly invited to show her cutting-edge eponymous collections at New York Fashion Week. After gaining experience working for Bernard Willhelm, the young designer was ready to liberate the classic denim pair.

You would be wrong to call Hardeman’s silhouettes ‘unisex’, as they are in fact not gender-neutral but gender-free. The label’s free-spirited philosophy encourages people to make individual decisions and pride themselves on every aspect that makes them unique. The unconventional approach to conventional denim results in a liberated DNA that celebrates a visual, direct and graphic aesthetic.