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Faliero Sarti

Count on Faliero Sarti for Italian indulgence and skilful heritage. Monica Sarti’s signature scarves elevate any silhouette by adorning it with a layer of passion, character and artistry.



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About the designer

When it entails the production of high-quality raw materials, Lanificio Faliero Sarti epitomises Italian luxury and craftsmanship. Since 1949, the woollen mill has been producing the finest textiles from their base in picturesque Campi Bisenzio, not far from Florence. Over the years, their silk, wool and cashmere fabrics have been loved and celebrated by major maisons such as Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood. The latter even stated that ‘quality’ was the first thing that comes to mind when being asked about Faliero Sarti. The company grew to be treasured by a broader audience when Monica Sarti founded L’Accessorio Faliero Sarti in 1991. The dedicated line brought a contemporary aesthetic to the renowned woollen mill. Sarti learned the ropes hands-on during a year in New York City, where she studied styling and business marketing at the Fashion Institute of New York, while also busying herself as an intern at Anne Klein. Upon returning to Italy a year later, she completed a university course in the history of arts and went on to found L’Accessorio not long thereafter.

Faliero Sarti is now internationally favoured for its sublime signature scarves. Monica Sarti expertly embraced the rapid-changing fashion scene of the mid-nineties by omitting the traditional fringe detailing, imbuing the scarves with an invigorating modern-day feel. She prefers to view each and every piece as a blank canvas, awaiting an array of stories and colours.

Collection autumn/winter 2017

To Monica Sarti, Faliero Sarti is a refined, luxurious playground full with never-ending discoveries. This autumn/winter 2017 showed a wealth of various fascinating styles, delicately crafted from wool, cashmere and silk blends. Abstract graphics, heart-shaped embroidery and spirited blooms distinguish the label's sophisticated femininity while 'Rock'-imprinted baseball-inspired designs reflect the collection's fierce attitude.