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Eyevan 7285

Fusing high-quality metal, titanium and acetate, Eyevan 7285 boasts a contemporary update to vintage designs. The label takes inspiration from its heritage and permeates it with cutting-edge craftsmanship.

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About the designer

Optical opulence is highlighted in Eyevan 7285’s eyewear collections. The brand takes its name from two decisive years in the history of Eyevan: 1972, when the label was founded by Kensuke Ishizu and Tesuji Yamamoto, and 1985, when the eyewear label became coveted on a global scale.

Eyevan 7285 prides itself on transforming optical wear from a practical necessity to a favoured fashion item. The artful designs are often assembled from vintage industrial components, allowing for an updated outlook on the label’s mid-seventies and mid-eighties designs. Striking titanium, metal and acetate are incorporated into distinguished frames, marrying contemporary craftsmanship with technical heritage.