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Delvaux brings contemporary designs that translate craftsmanship into unconventional luxury. The world’s oldest fine-leather-goods house is still celebrated for its expertly handcrafted bags.

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About the Designer

Suitcase designer Charles Delvaux founded the House of Delvaux in 1829. Due to the expansion of the passenger railway in Belgium, his goal was to create elegant, durable handbags for women to carry with them during their travels. It was Franz Schwennicke who, in 1933, transformed Delvaux in an extraordinary exclusive brand by responding to the increasing demand for extremely luxurious handbags. Delvaux’ bags are pieces of art, each product meticulously crafted by hand in its ateliers located in Belgium and France. The brand is internationally celebrated by remaining faithful to its expertise, its high-standard values and skilled craftsmanship besides its high-pitched quality of its creations.