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Cazal takes its name from Cari Zalloni, who took the Eighties fashion scene by storm with revolutionary opticals. Today, they are known for a directional approach that doesn’t compromise on quality.


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About the designer

As a brand that easily distances itself from trends and conventions, Cazal revolutionised the eyewear game of the Eighties. Founded in 1975 by legendary designer Cari Zalloni, the eponymous label produces frames that merge high-quality materials with unrivalled innovation. Since Zalloni’s death in 2012, an in-house creative team designs Cazal’s exquisite collections. A true Cazal pair can be recognised by its original shape and profound sensibility, with top-rate materials as titanium, acetate and gold being moulded into extraordinary frames. The statement styles are often adorned with metallic details, while vivid embellishments elevate the pieces to true cult favourites.