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Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Under the creative leadership of Belgian designer Raf Simons, Calvin Klein’s 205W39NYC line is celebrated for its strong silhouettes that are rooted in tradition.

New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Calvin Klein 205W39NYC's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Calvin Klein founded his namesake label in 1968 in collaboration with his business partner and childhood friend Barry Schwartz. The New York City-based label proved to be an instant success, with its progressive silhouettes featured on the cover of Vogue only one year in. Characterised by clean yet seductive and at times even provocative designs, Calvin Klein knew how to stand out in a crowd. As a new chapter in the iconic Calvin Klein saga, Calvin Klein Collection grew into Calvin Klein 205W39NYC under the direction of creative mastermind Raf Simons. The Belgian designer, known for his namesake label and his work at Jil Sander and Dior, revamped the luxurious ready-to-wear line with his signature subculture aesthetic. While still rooted in traditional tailoring, simple and relaxed garments spearhead the collections.

Collection spring/summer 2018

Raf Simons traded Belgium for America, as the designer now lives and works in NYC. He illustrated that overseas theme for Calvin Klein 205W39NYC’s spring/summer 2018 collection. The show started off with Americana-inspired silhouettes featuring silk front pocket blouses and sleek trousers. Midi dresses featured sheer organza and plastic layering accented with vintage black and white prints while others showcased statement fringes. Paint-sprayed leather skirts and coats were styled with white printed tank tops and raincoats in nylon, which also featured in tops, jackets and even turned into flowing evening dresses. Simons' interpretation of the American Dream fused country stereotypes with an haute-couture allure.