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Jon Buscemi established his namesake footwear and accessories brand in 2013. The Italian label’s sneakers are often constructed with 18k gold-plated embellishments and hand-stitched detailing.

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About the designer

In the late nineties, Jon Buscemi may have been the only stockbroker to house a collection of over six hundred pairs of sneakers. After leaving the frenzy of Wall Street, he pursued a career in fashion, introducing his eponymous footwear and accessories label in 2013. The New York native imbues his Italian roots into high-quality designs, handcrafted in his Civitanova-based atelier. Having worked at both Oliver Peoples and DC Shoes, Buscemi isn’t a stranger to the world of design. As a co-founder of Gourmet, he excelled in constructing sneakers that were reminiscent of pairs worn in his childhood. At Buscemi, the creative entrepreneur lets ideas that spent years trapped on random scraps of paper run free.

Cue the Buscemi brand for luxury footwear, showcasing a streetwear sensibility that is often highlighted by signature gold embellishments, such as the label’s iconic padlock. With designs rooted by integrity and craftsmanship, Buscemi deliberately chooses to produce only a limited stock that is coveted worldwide.