Designer Focus

Avant Toi

Under the creative leadership of Mirko Ghignone, Italian knitwear brand Avant Toi has been at the vanguard of an avant-garde with an innovative approach to cashmere since 1994.


New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Avant Toi's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

A passionate lover of the world of technicolour, the designer sees technical experiment as central to Avant Toi’s revolutionary knitted separates, crafted in Italy. Often making use of treatments that lend a distressed, stained or spray-painted appearance to the fine Italian fabrics, like airbrush colouring yardsand knits, Avant Toi, thanks to its strong commitment to aesthetic research, masterfully transforms each piece into a work of art.

Collection autumn/winter 2017

Each Avant Toi garment from this season’s ‘Free Soul Style’ collection is a fascinating story of macro and micro visions of the world that transform cardigan-stoles with silk chenille jacquard. The stains and smudges recall real-world elements of water, forests and the earth’s crust and stones. There’s complexity in the apparently impossible blends of materials, like cashmere and linen, or fur and camel-hair. The asymmetry of the pieces suggests recycling through patchwork. Colours like gold, white, blue and red translate the soul and personality of these pieces in irregular hues, with hand-painted details highlighting the craftsmanship even more.