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Aurélie Bidermann

Jewellery by Aurélie Bidermann is a light, fun mix of all kinds of stories. Drawing inspiration from Paris and the jungle of South America, she creates using precious stones, materials and textures.


New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Aurélie Bidermann's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

The elegance of a true Parisienne, but with a funky twist. Aurélie Bidermann brings her travels to life through her collections with a vision that is fun, feminine and light. She mixes gems with textile elements and uses colour in the greater part of her designs. She launched her label in 2007 and operated as designer, head of PR and advertising specialist. Her playful stores in Paris and New York are more than just a retail space, as they embody her spirit and ooze exuberance.