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Ann Demeulemeester

The iconic Belgian brand is currently led by creative director Sebastien Meunier. Ann Demeulemeester’s creations have always been characterised by deconstruction and emphasise sensuality.


New Season Collection

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About the designer

Born in a small town in Flanders, Belgium, Ann wasn’t interested in fashion at an early age. It was only during her art studies that she discovered her enthusiasm. She always fought hard to obtain her own voice in the fashion industry, by creating a very distinctive expression through her designs. After graduating the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp her collections where picked up rapidly by a welcoming audience who saw her as part of the important avant-garde designers of that time. She left the house in 2013 letting a team of designers take over the creative duties until Sebastien Meunier was appointed as creative director in 2015.

Collection spring/summer 2018

Sébastien Meunier has found all-encompassing inspiration in Ann Demeulemeester’s designs since his start as creative director in 2015. Monochrome black and white silhouettes roamed the runway – a duality often seen at Ann Demeulemeester – only to be punctuated by the occasional navy blue cloth. Long was the length to go for this season, as ankle-grazing wide leg trousers and cape-style dresses spearheaded the collection. Unafraid to mix things up, Meunier opted for all-white ensembles that often featured oversized and baggy fits, exuding a perfectly attuned nonchalance. While feather accents ran along a plethora of suit-inspired pieces and bespoke blazers, leather panels and deconstructed accents added a roughed-up approach to the exquisitely-cut collection.