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Alyx is described as eclectic and infused with subcultural history. The name refers to Matthew M. Williams' daughter, which immediately displays the influence of his own life and childhood.


New Season Collection

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About the designer

Something completely different in the world of fashion is the rise of Alyx. The brand debuted recently in 2015, under the lead of Californian-born creative Matthew M. Williams. He states that his designs reflect his life as a teenager, when he and his wife dropped out of high school and drove around the city. This old-school vibe mixed with Williams' wife's masculine style melt into modern classic designs that are both artful and edgy.

Williams' intention is to create timeless clothing by communicating the authenticity of his collections. Currently New York-based Alyx focuses on personal ideas and an instinctual approach rather than ongoing trends. It's admirable to say the least, that he has never done any runway shows or press presentations, yet his personal project is known to many fashion insiders and celebrities. He previously worked as creative director and shaped visual identities of today's pop culture icons and therefore established a notable fan base.

Collection spring/summer 2018

This season, Alyx explores a refined approach to the label’s rebellious aesthetic. Matthew Williams has always been fascinated with subcultures, designing with black leather and a dark street sensibility that will take you straight into underground scenes. This time around that hard-edged feel remains intact with statement wide-gauzed tops and skirts, moto-inspired leather jackets, trousers and dresses and white cotton overalls. A bubble-gum pink suit makes a strong feminine case yet features boyish slouchy trousers. The silk satin tops and dresses and over-the-knee boots made additional female statements.