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With a collection that prioritises everyday elegance and stellar quality, Budapest-based womenswear brand ÁERON focuses on delivering luxurious garments that seamlessly fit into the lives of today’s modern women. Lead by Eszter Áron, the label is defined by its ethical production process in Hungary’s capital.


New Season Collection

The latest and most exciting pieces from Aeron's collection via our boutique partners.

About the designer

Born into a textile dynasty that consists of generations of tailors in 1981, Eszter Áron was exposed to an exquisite array of fabrics and garments from an early age. She joined her mother to textile, fashion and art fairs and quickly became intrigued by fabric quality and impeccable craftsmanship. Those two pillars evidently became the foundation of ÁERON, when launching the brand in 2011. In order to ensure the label’s quality, Eszter prides herself on an ethical production process by strictly producing each and every single item in and around Budapest.

Her love for fine materials translated into a strong focus on using classic Italian fabrics like silk and wool, combined with new modern Japanese fabrics. By choosing these elegant materials, ÁERON unfailingly delivers quality while creating the freedom to reinvent traditional tailoring techniques and the ability to push its creativity with modern and sculptural silhouettes.

Collection spring/summer 2017

Staying true to their usage of Japanese and Italian fabrics, ÁERON opted for a simple colour palette that contains black, an array of whites, muted blues and a popping injection of orange. The silhouettes are elegant, modern and embody the brand’s love for structural designs neatly balanced out by a feminine softness. It’s this discrepancy that makes the spring/summer 2017 so interesting. While your eye is drawn to the easy wearability of each separate on the one hand, you are equally intrigued by the frivolous frills, edgy minimalistic tied tops and fringed hems. This collection entails everything you need to make a discreet but successful statement on a daily basis.