Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Van Ravenstein

Walking through Amsterdam’s Nine Streets filled with charmingly small boutiques, Van Ravenstein’s large store immediately stands out. Expect an intriguing mix of Belgian designers among international and upcoming names.


Co-owner Linda Van Ravenstein

The Boutique

Owner Gerda Van Ravenstein had been introduced to designer clothing by her sister, top model Apollonia Van Ravenstein. As a result, she decided to open her own boutique together with her sister-in-law Linda. They started in the Runstraat in 1991, moving to a larger location on Keizersgracht six years later.

Keizersgracht 359, 1016 EJ Amsterdam.
Mon: 13.00 – 18.00.
Tue – Fri: 11.00 – 18.00.
Sat: 10.30 – 17.30.
Thursday evening by appointment.

Despite digital and social influences, we aim to still astonish and inspire people when they walk into the store and see the collections.

The Team

Based on what do you decide what to buy?
One demand we always have when buying our selection is exclusivity. Our clients are rather put off by clothing that is available at any other store and is already worn by thousands of people. With each brand we sell, we have always made sure we’re the only distributor in The Netherlands or at least in Amsterdam. Whenever we discover a new exciting designer, we check if it’s already being sold in Amsterdam. If that is the case, we won’t sell it.

Which kind of people visit Van Ravenstein?
While we are blessed with an international audience, we also have a loyal clientele in and around Amsterdam. Generally speaking, they are highly educated, influential women who are often acquainted with art and culture. We are proud to state that people are drawn to our store because they are appreciative of our selection. They complement us on our choice and enjoy our well-considered combination of designers.
How would you describe their buying behaviour?
In the early years, a customer would stop by once every season to buy several full outfits. People may spend just as much money today as they did back then, they don’t buy the pieces all at once and tend to spread their purchases across the season. Customers are a lot more conscious about what they buy and are more likely to buy single pieces to combine with their existing wardrobe. Nonetheless, if they have an event to attend they will still buy a total look.

Do you think people’s perspective on fashion has changed?
Completely. If you would buy a pair of Ann Demeulemeester trousers in the eighties, you would evidently buy a matching shirt and jacket from that same designer. Wearing pieces from last season was nearly unacceptable. Now it’s the other way around, someone is considered fashionable and innovative when they combine new things with pieces from last season or even ten years ago. Today, the key to owning a powerful look is adding your individual touch.

The Boutique Collection

See the highlights and curated key pieces from Van Ravenstein's collections
The Boutique